FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIES in a comprehensive range from M5 to 3/4" with tube sizes 4mm - 15 mm Metal Work offers a full range of fittings and auxiliary accessories for troublefree operation of the components in the system.


Push-in fittingsPush-in fittings

Push-in fittings FPush-in fittings F

Standard adaptors AStandard adaptors A

Compression fittings BCompression fittings B

Quick fittings CQuick fittings C

Banjo fittings DBanjo fittings D

Tapered thred fittings with PTFE Tapered thred fittings with PTFE


Introduction LineonlineIntroduction Lineonline

Line-mounted micro flow regulator series RFL-RLine-mounted micro flow regulator series RFL-R

Miniature reducer series RML-RMS-RMCMiniature reducer series RML-RMS-RMC

In-line quick-exhaust valves series VSR LIn-line quick-exhaust valves series VSR L

In-line check valve series VNR LIn-line check valve series VNR L

In-line shutoff valves series V2V L V3V LIn-line shutoff valves series V2V L V3V L

In-line pressure gauge series MAN LIn-line pressure gauge series MAN L

In-line pressure indicator series LAM LIn-line pressure indicator series LAM L

In-line solenoid valves series SOV LIn-line solenoid valves series SOV L


Quick coupling IACQuick coupling IAC

Quick coupling ICSQuick coupling ICS

Flow microregulators NEW SERIESFlow microregulators NEW SERIES

Flow micro-regulator series MRF NFlow micro-regulator series MRF N

Flow micro-regulator series MRF OFlow micro-regulator series MRF O

In-line flow micro-regulator series RFLIn-line flow micro-regulator series RFL

Quick exhaust valves series VSRQuick exhaust valves series VSR

Stop valves series STPStop valves series STP

Slide valves series VCSSlide valves series VCS

Circuit selector valves series VORCircuit selector valves series VOR

Check valve series VNRCheck valve series VNR

Pneumatic logicPneumatic logic


Distribution frames and rotary jointsDistribution frames and rotary joints



Two hand safety valveTwo hand safety valve

Digital pressure switchDigital pressure switch

Air-air pressure multiplier (BOOSTER)Air-air pressure multiplier (BOOSTER)

In line progressive starter VAP 1/4 and 1/2In line progressive starter VAP 1/4 and 1/2



FRL Units